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Jets at Bills: The Jets are running mostly 3 Wr sets. (Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Quincy Enunwa) QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is looking at Brandon Marshall when the ball is snapped to see if he is being double covered. If Marshall is not being double covered than Fitz will try to get him the ball but will look at Eric Decker as his 2nd read if he thinks that Marshall will be in to much traffic. When Marshall is doubled covered Fitz looks to Enuwa as the 1st read and if he is covered looks to Decker. So Marshall looks like WR 1 and Enuwa as WR 1a. Enuwa is being moved around the formation. He was used as the target for the WR screens. As tall as Marshall and Decker are it is hard for defenses to cover the wide target in Enuwa with their 3rd corner or coverage LB. Jalin Marshall is 5-11 and 3rd Wr in the offense when one of the other 3 Wrs need a break and is being used in 4 Wr sets which are not coomon in this offense. As for the running game Matt Forte looks slow but he is not as slow as he looks. He is taking his time finding holes to drive through and then bursting through it. Between 5-15 yards from the goal-line the Jets were using Bilal Powell instead of Forte to have a 4th receiving option. But Forte is back in the game for the goal-line carriers. (Bills offensive coordinator fired)

Dolphins at Patriots: The Patriots run an offense based on what the defense gives them. When the Dolphins played zone coverage the Patriot receivers just sat in open space. In man coverage they ran slant patterns and come backs. All of TE Bennett big gains came from Miami leaving him wide open. All the Wr know how to separate from coverage and this leaves players open on almost every play. RB Blount runs with power but does not wait for holes to open up and is pretty bad at running routes. So when Blount is in the game he is there to run the ball or block, which is still good for Blount since defenses play the Patriots to stop the pass. RB James White is open field back with great hands and decent route running but is not going to get many carriers inside. They miss the versatility of Dion Lewis who is a better route runner and more patient running the ball. When Gronk comes back he will not be left wide open like Bennett was most of this game. QB Jacoby Brissett was put in a tough situation not getting hardly any playing time in the preseason as the 3rd QB. But his 1st 2 throws were dropped by the receiver cause the ball was throw to hard. He calmed down later in the game and had some nice touch passes. When pressured he will leave the pocket and run the ball but as soon as he starts running he is not looking to pass the ball anymore. In this offense Brissitt should have a decent game as this offense is not reliant on a great QB.

The Dolphins have only one wide out that was able to get separation and there for be open for Tannehill to throw to. Kenny Stills is the speedy Wr that will burn some corners but did not run prosise routes to get open in this game. He did get a TD when the corner peaked at Tannehill and took his eye off Stills. As for Wr Devante Parker he did not run crisp routes and did not create separation but Tannehill did force the ball to him all game when he was single covered. Parker did show his dominate size and body control to fight for the ball. The biggest problem in this game was Tannehill inability to read the defense. Most of the runs by Miami were against 7 or 8 men boxes. With Arian Foster as Rb who did still get positive yds against the stack boxes could have been bigger plays if Tannehill would have call an audible to a pass play. It took till about half way through the 3rd quarter before Tannehill was able to read the defense and change the play based on what the defense gave him. Tannehill did not see the his wideout getting open until they wide open. Tannehill did not fake out the safeties at all during this game. When he faked the look to one side of the field he was not convincing. He is still playing like a college quarterback in just throwing to one side of the field and it is decided before the snap. NFL Qbs should be able to scan the whole field. The Patriots only allowed TE Jordan Cameron to be open in short routes. RB Jay Ajayi has the speed and power to be an every down back but when he came into game after Foster was injuried he ran into defensive players due to his lack of vision. He lost a fumble late in the game and Kenyan Drake came into the game. Drake took his time running the ball and did not run into defenders. He also had burst and leaned forward when it looked like defenders had him bottled up. Ajayi did come back into the game, showing that Miami does not believe Drake is every down back but might have Charles Sims like role if Foster is out for extended period of time. Rb Damien Williams was inactive but will likely be Ajayi replacement if he is back in the Dolphins dog house.

Bengals at Steelers: The Steelers came into this game with the game plan to win this game by running the ball. Which is what the Cincinatti defense showed by playing 2 LB in the middle of the field and 2 safeties deep. The corners for cinn played man coverage with inside and deep help. So if a WR for the Steelers ran a pattern in the middle of the field the Lbs would cover the Wrs. Same goes for the safeties would help cover Wrs that went long. If a TE went out for a pass one of the Lbs would cover him. But the Steelers realized this and started using 2 Tes as wideouts. In the second half of the game Cinn realized that the only player they needed to double cover deep was Antonio Brown and cheated up the other safety. This was because Eli Rogers, Sammie Coates, and DHB were not creating separation on deep passes. Antonio Brown was taken out of this game with double coverage. Most of the completed plays that were not thrown to Tes were from extended plays were Big Ben was forced out of the pocket. Cinn did a great job getting pressure on Ben with only 4 defensive lineman. Rb D Williams is one the better inside runners in the NFL but Cincinnati played sound gap protection. This kept Williams from any big runs. Some of the sest runs from the Steelers were outside runs but Williams does not have the speed or agility to run that play more. When LeVeon Bell comes back, he is able to run inside and outside. This was great game plan for Cinn just made a couple mistakes like leaving D Williams uncovered in the endzone at the end of the game.

The Cincinnati Bengals offense ran into the same defensive game plan but the Steelers did disguise the blitz by having a LB blitzing and d lineman dropping back in coverage. All 3 Wr for the Cinn(LaFell, Boyd, and Green) were running really good routes and were getting sparation. But QB Andy Dalton was missing the throws in the 1st half, probably due the disguised blitz. In the 2nd half Dalton played better but struggled making throws on 3rd down and in the red zone. If Andy Dalton makes 10% more of his throws and this game final score could have been reversed as the Cinn would have had more control of the game clock. Cinn game plan was to spread the defense out by going 4 wideouts instead going 2 TE. The running game for Cinn was predictable, since Hill would run mostly inside runs and RB G Bernard ran on the ball outside or went out as receiver.

Ravens at Browns: The Browns started out strong and the Ravens started off like it was still preseason. The Ravens defense is playing a combo man/zone coverage. They start off at man coverage and then half way through the play some players switch to zone. In the 1st quarter the Ravens blew multiple coverages. This is not the Ravens defense that has won 2 Super bowls. The defense works best in the red zone but did allow some big plays when the field is longer. After the Browns took an early lead they went into a shell and stopped passing long. Then when the score was 20-19 the Browns tried to pass long again but McCown was not good at reading the defense because he was throwing long to double coverage when the opposite side was single coverage. He also missed some easy throws along the sideline, in which may show he does not trust his wide receivers yet. The Browns would have struggled against straight man to man coverage as the Wrs did not run very good routes in this game. The positive to this offense was how Isiah Crowell and Duke Johnson looked in this game. Crowell ran with power, burst, nice one cuts, vision, and most important patience. Even though Crowell and Duke did split time on the field, Crowell got most of the touches in this game. Even though Duke Johnson is not an everydown back he does get the ball throw to him and in the open field he looks elusive.

The Baltimore Ravens is not last years hand full of young talent. Flacco looked at Pitta on half of the passing plays when Pitta was on the field. The Ravens wideouts are not creating space on down field passing plays. Flacco still looks like he is not 100% and is having trouble throwing the ball accurate on long throws. He seems to want to throw the ball in the middle of the field on every play. RB Justin Forsett is elusive and has patience but seems to be hesitant in running inside plays. RB Terrance West is has no patience but has burst through the line. Both seem to be even playing time. But neither has the ability to have big games.

Titans at Lions. The Titans are running a power run game. It does not matter if there are 12 men in the box and the Titans would still try to run the ball. (LOL) Most of the game there was 8 men in the box. The safeties would cheat up to make it 9 in box. The few times the Titans throw the ball with 8 men in the box the wide outs were in a closed formation or the ball was thrown with 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. The other times the Titans decided to throw the ball they did it with nobody in the back field to make the defense think that the Titans were going to run the ball. There were many chances for the Titans to throw the ball deep when the Lions defense played the run but the Titans jus refused to do it. Even when they did throw the ball long they ran both Wrs to one side, in which was the same side as single Safety was playing. The only reason TE Delaine Walker was open was that the defense was so worried about the run that he was able to make a single move to get open.

The Lions spread the ball around pretty well all game. WR Tate, Jones, Boldin, Ebron, and Riddick were all involved. Golden Tate was the targeted the most but Stafford was not on the same page with him. In fact Stafford missed Tate more than all the other players. Plus some of Tate catches were over turned by penalties. TE Eric Ebron had 3 bad penalties in the game that overturned touch downs. The bad passes to Jones actually helped him catch the ball since he was on tight coverage and just got better position. It looks like Stafford is getting more and more comfortable with Boldin since he seemed to look for him when in trouble from the pass rush. As for the RBs Abdullah has recently been placed on IR. The RB rotation seemed to be determined by fresher player, meaning Theo Riddick is looking better and better each week with a nice uptick in running inside and workload. He seems to more decisive on his runs. Keep an eye on RB Dwayne Washington. Qb Stafford made some great throws from some bad positions.

Chiefs at Texans: The Texans WR corp seems to consist of just 2 players DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller. Most of the defensive attention was on Hopkins the whole game. But Brock Osweiler did take advantage of some one on one coverage. Hopkins did not get a lot of separation but it did not matter as Hopkins and Oswalter on playing pitch and catch on timing routes. This did cause one interception and almost another one but as the season moves forward these 2 will only get better at it. WR Will Fuller not only has speed but he is making veteran moves on corners to get separation. Separation on a burner like Fuller is dangerous combo. The talk of OTAs was Wr J Strong but seems to be only a red zone threat at this time. He would have a TD if not for TE CJ Fiedoriwitz allowing his defender to push him into Strongs route. RB Lamar Miller is the every down back in this offense. He had good vision, patience, and burst throw the hole. The one alarming thing that happened in the 3rd quarter was that Lamar Miller seemed sluggish. But in the 4th quarter he was back to form like nothing happened. Its something that will have to monitored through the season.

The Chiefs offensive line blocked really well on running plays. The Rbs were able to get a good 2 yds on almost every run before being touched. RB Spencer Ware does not seem much different then Charcandrick West in running the ball except that Ware is a  bigger and stronger back. Any RB would be successful behind this line but Ware and West are slightly above average backs. Through the 1st 3 quarters of this game QB Alex Smith mostly focused on Jeremy Maclin because he is able to create separation on almost every play. But Alex Smith was off target on throws over 10 yds. He also only seemed to play like a college QB by only targeting one side of the field. This all changed in the 4th quarter where he was more accurate and was scanning the whole field. There does seem to be some designed plays to spread the ball around but not many in the play book. The 2 players that stood out were TE Travis Kelce who was physical mismatch but does seems to have a limited route tree. Kelce should have had a TD at the end of the game but no penalty was called when the DB jumped on Kelce back before the ball got to him. The other player that seems to be more and more involved every week to get touches is Tyreek Hill. Hill returned a kick off for a TD but was called back on a holding. The Chiefs did put Hill at RB and tried a screen to get him in open field.

Saints at Giants:  The Giants may have lost a head coach but his old school philosophy really infuriated fantasy owners by sitting players who fumbled the ball. Victor Cruz, Eli Manning, and Shane Vereen would all be sitting right now as they all fumbled the ball. The offensive line here is one of the worst in NFL. On almost every running play the Oline was pushed back a yard. This does not help a slower Rashad Jennings and Shane Vereen. The other thing that did not help in the running game this week was the lack of deep ball throws and catches. QB Eli Manning seemed to be on target and saw the field for no big issues. The ball is being spread around to Beckham, Cruz, Shepard, and the 2 Tes. (Donnell/Tye) Odell Beckham is the #1 target with Victor Cruz and Sterling Shepard splitting the #2 position. It seems that Giants still are looking to get the ball out quick because of bad Oline and to control the clock for their defense.

New Orleans Saints

Saints Oline looked decent in the running game. As they did not move backwards but most of the Oline did not move forward either. What surprised me in this game was how much Tim Hightower, John Kuhn, and Travis Cadet were used. Mark Ingram only had 9 rushes for the whole game. The other surprise in this game was how much the ball was forced to TE Coby Fleener who could not separate from his defender at all this game except for one blown coverage. All this with the Giants disguising their blitz really wreaked havoc on this offense. Both Willie Snead and Brandin Cooks were both able to separate from their defenders at times but Brees did not take the time to look their way. The3rd Wr in this offense Micheal Thomas did get good body position against defenders on the few targets he received.

Redskins at Cowboys: As of this game the best Wr on this team is Cole Beasley. He is running great routes and creating separation on almost every play. He also is being looked at first when QB Zak Prescott is in trouble. Wr Dez Bryant struggled against physical man on man coverage. He was able to get open when the corner when he was not pressured at the line. TE Jason Witten was force to block on the left side of the line due to the LT Tyron Smith for the Cowboys struggling against all the D lineman. When LT Smith had a LB rushing at him he had no problem blocking. But every single D lineman for the Redskins was able to push him back on running plays and able to get around him on passing plays. He should have been called for offensive holding more in this game. The weird thing was that Dallas noticed it and moved Tes over to help block but Dallas continued to try to run the ball in the middle and left side of the field instead of just going right. QB Dak Prescott failed to read coverages when  WR Dez Bryant was on single man coverage. Dak is also taking to many drop back steps out of his pocket which forcing him to leave the pocket more than he needed to. RB Ezekial Elliott ran with decisiveness and power. It does not look like RB Elliott is being asked to help block on passing plays. If he was not handed the ball, he would go out for a pass, or as a decoy.

Washington Redskins

RB Matt Jones looked quick and light on his feet. He had good vision and waited for his blockers. There were some important drives in this game that failed when Jones was taken out of the game and RB Chris Thompson was put in to run. Wr DeSean Jackson was not getting separation from his routes but did get separation on the long straight routes to burn the defender. The only WR getting separation from running there routes was Jamison Crowder. Wr Josh Doctson was forced the ball several times but did not play like he should even be on the field. With all the weapons the Redskins have at WR, it was surprising to see TE Jordan Reed and TE Vernon Davis on the field at the same time. This created some mismatches that Dallas was not prepared for. The running blocking of the Oline was much better in this than the pass blocking but Washington seemed to want to throw the ball more.

49ers at Panthers. The Panthers Oline is getting a small positive push on running plays. RB J Stewart looked good running early before his injury and was targeted twice. The pass blocking was good against a strong rush but struggled against speed rush. With Stewart out of the game FB Tolbert got an increased work load. RB Fozzy Whittaker did get some extra carriers but does not look like an every down back. The best runner in this game was QB Cam Newton. As for the wide outs Kelvin Benjamin was consistently getting open even when double covered which was most of the game. He even had a reception when quadruple covered. TE Greg Olsen was matchup nightmare for every one tried to cover him in this game. Olsen TD early in the game was due to no one covering him. Wr Devin Funchess went out for a couple routes but was covered and did not try to get open. Seemed like he just gave up on a couple of plays. The Panthers tried different ways to get Ted Ginn Jr the ball but he struggled to catch the ball with his hands. Ginn had no problem catching the ball when the ball was thrown perfectly into his body. Wr Corey Brown was the 3rd most targeted player but it seems to be designed plays just to get the ball spread around.

The 49ers offensive line is talented but it looks like they are running the same run blocking scheme that was run in Philly. (zone blocking) Through out the game the Oline made mental errors on run blocking that turn positive plays into negative ones. In Philly it took about 6 weeks into the season before the run blocking became consistent. RB Carlos Hyde looked much better than S Draughn. There does not seem to be a #1 Wr on this team. Wr Torrey Smith was highly targeted and had a good game but it was when 49ers were way behind in the score. He did make a couple good double moves but the Panthers did not even try to get safety help over.

Bucs at Cardinals The Buccs struggled picking up the blitz on passing plays. The run blocking was good but Arizona seemed to being tipped off when the ball was being run. As soon as the ball was snapped it looked like Arizona knew if it was a running play or passing play. Wr Mike Evans was getting separation on most of his routes. Wr Vincent Jackson actually ran good routes but was not getting separation due to how slow he was. Vincent Jackson might have been better off playing the TE position so he could have Lbs cover him. Most of the other Wrs were open due to zone coverage or screen plays. QB Jamies Winston looked like he did in last years preseason, where he threw most of his passes to high. This is okay for Mike Evans as he can go up and get it but players like V Jax who at this time in his career cant even jump. Winston also seems to forcing the ball to his players and is not always going through his progressions.

The Cardinals offensive line is as good as its preseason top 10 ranking. WR Larry Fitzgerald is the only wide out getting separation on almost every play. He also made some great catches, showing that he still has some of the best hands in the NFL. WR John Brown was able to get separation once he got up to full speed, even when changing route. WR Michael Floyd can not get open and only gets passes thrown his way because most of the passing plays are timing routes. QB Carson Palmer looked the best he has looked all season and preseason. RB David Johnson is making unbelievable jump-cuts and has great vision in tight space. RB Chris Johnson was not patient on inside runs but looked great on outside runs. Arizona is forcing the ball more than they did last year to their TE’s.

Jaguars at Chargers  The Jaguars run blocking was poor but TJ Yeldon is running well if enough to make negative plays into positive. The pass blocking was just as bad as the run blocking. RB TJ Yeldon did not show that he has the ability to be a consistent pass blocker. QB Blake Bortles pressured all game and was off on his throws over 15 yards. He is also threw the ball where he WR were put in bad situations. As for the WRs Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Marquise Lee they all ran good routes and found ways to get open. TE Julius Thomas looked the healthiest he has looked all season. He lined up as a WR several times as well at the TE position.

The Chargers run blocking looked really good and getting a slight push on the defense. As for the pass blocking, the Chargers block well against the 4 man rush but struggled against LB blitz. Melvin Gordon does not quite see pick up the blitzing LB. What RB Melvin Gordon did well was run with decisiveness, agility, and power through the hole. Wr Travis Benjamin was running mostly go routes that suited his elite speed and occasionally ran some come back routes. Both Benjamin and Ty Williams are being moved all over the field. WR Williams is struggling to get open on most plays but when he is open and gets the ball he was dangerous in open space. He had a huge run after the catch after a blown coverage but did show how fast he was in the open field. He also showed that he can break tackle even with his small frame for as tall as he is. Wr D Inman seems to be getting lots of playing time but is not getting enough separation or looks from QB Rivers to get targets. TE Antonio Gates is running most of his patterns with in 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. But Rivers is looking at him as the 1st option in the end zone. QB Phillip Rivers is getting plenty of time to throw the ball. He looks crisp in his throws.

Seahawks at Rams  Seattle offensive line looked pretty good in the run blocking but really bad in pass blocking. Even before RB T Rawls injury he looked slow but run with some power. RB Christine Micheal looked faster but if he would had better vision in this game he would had some bigger runs. Late in the game rookie RB Alex Collins came into the game who looked like he had more power and speed than Rawls.  QB Russell Wilson did force a couple throws to his Wrs. TE Jimmy Graham was used more in the 2nd half of the game and it did open the field up. But they stopped using him??? WR Baldwin ??? Wr Tyler Lockett?? WR Kearse??? WR Richardson???

The Rams started the game by running the ball in the middle and throwing 5 yd routes. QB Keenum is not accurate enough or consistant enough to get a small WR in Tevon Austin who was open on most of the plays the ball. He seemed to favor the taller WR Kenny Brit who got good body position on his defender but did not get separation enough to be the #1 WR every week. TE Lance Kendricks is also a big target and did get his body in position to block the defender from defending the pass. RB Todd Gurley is a bigger runner and ran against a lot of 8 man boxes. He struggled mostly because the Oline did not get any push to open holes. The biggest runs came when Seattle over played their gap protection. The Rams did run one screen play for Gurley and he gained 19 yds on the play. RB Benny Cunningham is a change of pace back but struggled with vision and patience on inside runs.

Falcons at Raiders The Falcons offensive line was the cause of all the zero or negative runs. RB Devonte Freeman ran with patience, vision, and power. While RB Tevin Coleman ran with speed and agility. If Coleman had the vision and patience that Freeman has he would had some long runs in this game. WR Julio Jones looked sluggish on some plays but did burn the defense late in the game. Oakland played zone most of the game so it was hard to tell if the Atlanta Wrs were able to get separation except for WR Tyler Gabriel who looked explosive. Gabriel did not play a lot but took advantage of the plays he did play. QB Matt Ryan seemed to focus on one player when close to red zone instead of going through his progressions.

The Raiders saw early in the game that Atlanta was doubling Crabtree, Cooper, and who every went long for a pass. So the Raiders ran the ball with all 3 rbs and threw the ball to everybody else including the Tes. As for Rbs, the player that played the most was Latavius Murray who he ran behind a strong run blocking Oline. RB DeAndre Washington is a smaller RB that Atlanta had trouble locating  which gave give some big runs. But its obvious he is a change of pace back and not an every down back. The Rb that surprised me the most was Jalen Richard who has slow acceleration but has great top end speed. When he was not touched after 5 yds the Falcons struggled to get the right angle on him due to his speed and deceptive agility. The 1st half of the game QB Derek Carr had plays that were designed to roll him out of the pocket. This forced him to only be to throw on one side of the field. It was great when a wideout was open but when no one was open it killed the play.

Colts at Broncos  The Colts biggest problem in this game was QB Andrew Luck. He is playing like a college quarterback. He is staring down his wideouts, he is only looking at one side of the field, and he is off on his throws. He did look better out of shotgun than behind the center. I timed half of his throws and he averaged 2.5 seconds before throwing the ball or getting hit. So this is not a lot of time to scan the whole field but even when he had more time, he still refused to look at all of his wideouts. The run blocking was just okay in the 1st quarter but got better has the game went on. RB Frank Gore ran with patience and burst. He looked like he was the ball carrier for most of the inside runs and the Colts tried to use R Turbin on outside runs due Turbin being a little faster. The only 2 wideouts getting separation were TY Hilton and TE D Allen. Hilton would have had more targets if Luck had looked his way more in the this game. TE D Allen was not able to beat any coverage just from speed. But he was a savoy enough as a route runner to lose his receiver. TE Jack Doyle was open several times due to blocking most of the game and surprised the defense when he went out for a pass.

The Broncos pass blocking was sound against a bad Colts defense. The run blocking was really strong, getting almost a 2 yard push on some plays. RB CJ Anderson looked strong and ran well. Rookie RB D Booker ran with speed and earned more playing time in this game. QB Trevor Siemian ran Kubiaks offense better than both Qbs did last year. Siemian is throwing the ball before the wide out is open. He is scanning the whole field. He is also running the ball when the play breaks down and going down instead of taking a hit. If I did not know the name on the back of his jersey I would have thought that Siemian was veteran QB. TE Virgil looked like he had been a pass catching TE his whole career until he got injured in this game.

Packers at Vikings  The Packers offensive line looks better than average. The run blocking is getting a good push but RB Eddie Lacy has only 1 gear. Lacy is running with good vision, power, and patience. But his only big plays were when he carried the defensive players on his back down the field. Rb James Starks not only missed some blocks but did see the holes or have the power to turn 1yd runs into 3 yd runs like Lacy. WR Randall Cobb best work was at the RB position, where he was able to run the ball and go out as a receiver. No Wr on this team was able to get separation from their route except WR D Adams. The problem was that he made some kind of mental error almost every time the ball was thrown his way. TE Jared Cook was able to out maneuver his defender expect half the time he was not in where was suppose to be on the timing plays. As for QB Aaron Rodgers who looked bad in the pocket with happy feet. He also seemed to quick to make a throw instead of waiting for Wrs to get open.

The Vikings Offensive line struggled against the speeder defensive rushers in pass blocking and run blocking. WR Stefan Diggs was able to get open at will and when he got the ball he had multiple people miss. The rest of the Wrs struggled to get open but when they were open QB Sam Bradford got them the ball. TE Kyle Rudolf took advantage of his route running ability against Lbs was a mismatch. QB Sam Bradford was the MVP of the week with some perfect throws. If his passes would have been off by just a little and there would have been multiple interceptions in this game.

Eagles at Bears The Eagles ran very simple offense for QB Carson Wentz. Most of the routes run were short routes that only worked because the Bears defense did not play press man coverage. When Wentz did throw the ball long it was thrown short. He does not seem to have a strong enough arm to throw the ball over 30 yards. He did a great job calling plays and calling audibles when needed. All the Wrs had no issue getting open since the Bears played more of a prevent defense than aggressive defense. The Oline was not asked to do much as most passes were thrown right away. RB Darren Sproles ran the ball several times that would have been bigger gains if he was a stronger back.

The Bears offensive line was decent except for right tackle who was horrible. He could not run block or pass block. Rb Jermey Langford looked more comfortable on the outside runs than on inside runs. Langford was still getting a yard after the initial contact but rookie RB Jordan Howard was gaining 2 yards after contact. Howard was just as fast on outside runs but did not have the agility that Langford had. Both ran with good vision and running struggles came from the oline and not the Rbs. Wr Alshon Jeffery was able to create separation on half the plays but struggled against press coverage. Wr Kevin White was able to get open on slant and out routes only. It seemed that the game plan was to find ways to get WR Eddie Royal and White the ball other ways than to just letting them find way to get open. Both of these Wrs were dangerous in open space. TE Zach Miller was able to get on most players but Cutler missed him multiple times. As for QB Jay Cutler, the sacks and interceptions were from blitz or from Cutler holding the ball to long. The only reason QB Hoyer played well was because the Eagles defense played of coverage at the time in the game when Hoyer came into the game.


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